About The Cytoscan

The Cytoscan® Video Microscope is a non-invasive instrument that produces high-contrast microvascular images in a subject during surgery, research and clinical diagnostic applications. Orthogonal Polarization Spectral (OPS®) Imaging produces an image by using scattered polarized light, which creates a 'virtual' light source within the observed tissue. This patented "virtual backlighting" technology makes it possible to visualize and measure real time images of the microcirculation, without the use of fluorescent dyes or transillumination.

After a decade of development by leading experts in the field of optics and software development, the Cytoscan® is being actively used in over 50 worldwide clinical settings. Researchers are applying the OPS® Imaging technology to a broad range of disciplines where the evaluation of microcirculation plays a key diagnostic role. Several clinical applications being investigated are in the areas of cardiopulmonary bypass, diabetes, hypertension, neurosurgery, intensive care, organ transplants, wound care, burns, general and plastic surgery.